23rd - 26th January 2019 Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


- Trade Show of Trendy Light Jewellery -

What is Girls Jewellery Expo Tokyo?

Girls Jewellery Expo Tokyo is a specialized trade show of Trendy Light Jewellery and High-End Accessories. New brands and the latest trend products will gather in this expo. You can catch the Latest Trend and make orders on-site!

Girls Jewellry Expo Tokyo is the professional trade show to place/take orders

■ Typical exhibit products are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings etc. that are light in weight and low in price point. The material commonly used will be 14K, 10K, or 9K gold, silver, gold-filled, leather, fabric, or a combination of them. In other words, they are affordable, daily-wear jewellery items that are catered for the young generations.

Why Girls Jewellery Expo Tokyo?

・TRENDY LIGHT JEWELLERY market is booming up in Japan!

In Japan, jewellery and high-end accessories market is now very active. Teenage is the main stream of the fashion vogue in Japan, and when they grow up to be 20s and 30s which is the age who become to have some buying power, they will purchase jewellery and high-end accessories whose price range is from USD 50–500, which we call GIRLS JEWELLERY.

・Overseas jewellery and high-end accessories have big popularity from 20s and 30s.

More than half of jewellery and high-end accessories in shops which 20s and 30s visit are now import jewellery. This age loves to have unique products which we cannot see in Japan.

・It is the best place to reveal your new collection!

A large number of press people from various media attend GIRLS JEWELLERY EXPO TOKYO to catch the newest trend. By exhibiting at this show, you can promote your trend-setting new products in all over Japan!

What's New?

2018/1/29       Visitor Count for 2018 is updated!

Scene from Girls Jewellery Expo Tokyo 2018

Venue & Access

Show schedule for the next 3 years

<2019> Jan. 23 (Wed) - 26 (Sat)

<2020> Jan. 20 (Mon) - 23 (Thur)

<2021> Jan. 20 (Wed) - 23 (Sat)

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